Essay On Gender Equality

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What can be done to overcome prejudice towards Gender Equality?
Gender equality entails protecting human rights, an economic necessity that allows women’s financial autonomy and national progress, and a country’s outlook on international relations. It affects childbirth rates, the quality of life and longevity of those children, and the type of life of the mother. The struggle is so vital to global stability and success that the United Nations (UN) addresses it in their sustainable development goals. Gender equity faces obstacles like the lack of education for both boys and girls, and the challenges of deviating from societal stereotypes and norms. Nevertheless, if actors from the private and public sector come together, public policy can be created to strengthen women’s lives and rights.
Why Gender Equality is Important
A Social Justice Issue
Women cannot escape poverty, be adroit, nor become autonomous, if they do not have a good-paying job. This is difficult to attain without higher education, in a society who dismisses their employment applications and that teaches women they are submissive and physically, cognitively, and psychologically inferior to men. As opposed to female advancement, women are bombarded with housewife stereotypes that emphasize their role as a sexual being whose job is to serve and please, create a family, and acquiescently look after children and the home.
Economic Impact
We are holding half of the global population in bastille by negating

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