Personal Narrative: Berks Catholic High School

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I was lost. Friends were not at my disposal. Time was in abundance. Thoughts was all i had. Freshman through Christmas break of my sophomore year I attended Berks Catholic High School, but before that I graduated from a feeder school named Scared Heart School. This school had diversity, respect, and a place for all students from kindergarten to eighth grade. After graduation all local feeder schools merged into the high school, Berks Catholic. This was a place to start over or grow into the person you desire to become and to make friends. I was so overwhelmed and could not have been more happy in life once I arrived, but it took less then a school year for me to realize I was unhappy. I was denied from starting my own club to help less fortunate kids in my area, my …show more content…

I reached out to new students to make friends, I met with teachers to improve my scores, and I prayed. I prayed not myself, but for others to realize the person they were missing out on. It was December of my sophomore year, I came home and dropped everything and signed myself up to visit the public school in my district, Wyomissing Area Jr/Sr High School. That next day was one of the best days of my life. I gained more friends that day than the past two years of my life. I knew once I stepped through those doors that was home for me. Two weeks later I transferred and started January 4, 2016 the first day back from Christmas break. I was ecstatic, happy, and nervous, but I knew I made the right choice and every day after that has been fantastic. I played sports every season, I joined clubs, and most importantly found happiness. I am into to my senior year and it is flying by like a cheetah on skies. Happiness is what I found to cherish most in my life. I realize if I am not happy it is a waste of my time. I did not regret going to Berks Catholic nor was it a bad school, it was just a place where I did

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