Personal Narrative: Bishop Hendricken High School

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“GOAL!” My final kick as a U-14 soccer player ended the game with a score of 3-2. With that game, the team ended its season in second place, a great accomplishment for this motley bunch. As the season came to a close, and we were awarded our trophies, I was already looking ahead to high school. For years I knew that I would attend Bishop Hendricken High School, a school well-known for its soccer team. I would try out for the team and play soccer all four years. This expectation carried me to “hell week,” as dozens of students strive to attain one of the coveted spots on the soccer team. As feet pounded the ground, and bodies impacted, as the green and gold ball bounced from player to player, I felt at home. And then it all came crashing down. I had progressed well, passing the first and second cuts with seeming ease. As the third day of scrimmages approached, I felt a slight soreness in my ankle. Halfway through the second scrimmage of the day, I was exhausted and could feel the sore tension in my ankle festering. The thought of sitting out flashed through my mind, but was quickly overcome by the overwhelming desire to get through this game and make the team. This desire, however, would be my downfall. In the final minutes of the game, while I was running up the right wing, dead-set on finishing this …show more content…

It was as simple as that. A love for harmony, both in music and in life washed over me. It was this love that guided me through my freshman year of high school. My artistic side grew, expanding past simply the choral arts. As the spring approached, excitement grew in the arts department. Intrigued by this sudden clamor, I sought out an explanation from a friend. I learned that the spring musical, Guys & Dolls, was fast approaching. Always one for building and technology, I decided to join the technical theater crew. That simple action was one of the most valuable actions I could have ever

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