Personal Narrative: John Edgar Howard Elementary School

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Growing up in Capital Heights, Maryland was never easy. At the time the crime in that City was to me, at its peak, there were shootings, robbing’s, and bad influences around every corner. Every day I got up early and walked out my little house sitting firmly on the hill, down the street to John Edgar Howard Elementary, the school I attended at the time. Yes, the neighborhood was rough, but I was fortunate enough to have a strong support system. My Grandmother made sure to wake me up every morning to haul me of to school where I would meet my loving, devoted teachers and coaches. With their help I left John Edgar Howard elementary school with a strong head on my shoulders, and the devotion to strive for more. I had to move to a different elementary school because John Edgar Howard Elementary ended up being closed, because of the rough neighborhood. I then, attended Bradbury Heights; a school that I didn’t know existed. I was never exposed to many different neighborhoods, or opportunities. I managed to graduate and proceed to middle school where I continued my athletic career of basketball, and outstanding academic profile. During my last year of middle school at Drew Freeman my life changed. I was exposed to a wonderful opportunity. I was given the chance to take a test that would determine…show more content…
A School where you are surrounded by people of all ages, you are taught by real college professors and have to take responsibility for yourself. This was a huge step for me, along the way I fumbled and sort of slipped of track, but my devotion for my dream of attending college and entering the health profession pulled me right back on tract. My whole life I have been devoted to education and striving to do better. My strive for bettering myself and reaching my goals and dreams will never stop, no matter
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