Personal Narrative: Coming To America With My Parents

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Coming to America with my parents when I was about 11 years old was a new adventure for me. There were a lot of changes that needed to be made and experiencing new things. I would have to make some adjustment and getting used to the American culture and learning the language they speak. My parents had made a big sacrifice coming to America. Living their home country just so my siblings and I could get a better education and better life. As we all know, life in America is not that easy when you are newbies. As an 11 years old kid, I wouldn't know what to do or how to help my parents when they are going through a tough time. All I do was go to school, come home, and do some reading. Besides, school wasn't that easy for me because I didn't know English and I couldn't communicate with the people around me nor the teachers. I was the only kid who looks different in my class and has no ideas what the teacher is talking about. It was uncomfortable for me to be around my classmates, but everyone in the class seems to be nice to me because I was the new kid. They didn’t have problems with me and I didn’t have problems with them. As time goes on, I began to feel …show more content…

It was the best decision they had ever made. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here and learning with the other students. I know it was tough for them in America since they can’t speak English and I have seen them break down, but they never give up. I am really grateful for my parents because they have given up so much just for my sisters and I. They are the role model for me and without them, I wouldn’t have come this far to be successful. Besides, I have learned so much over the past few years living in America. I have join sports team and did other services that I had never done before back in Thailand. I also had the privileges to attend school for free until I got to college which is no longer free but I still need to work

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