Spartanburg High School Reasonability

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When I was in MacCracken middle school, I always wondered what it would be like when I went to Spartanburg high. I kind of wished someone would have told me what high school would be like. Now that I have been here for a year and a half, it is not that hard. I have managed to learn not only a lot in class but also a lot about Spartanburg High School and its people. Friendships and reasonability are areas that I think students in the eighth- grade student should know before they arrive. What happens to their friendships is one thing that might help students before they get here? For example, I learned about quality over quantity, having friends that care and are there for me is more meaning full than having a lot of friends that may or …show more content…

For example, in high school as a teenager in they expect for their new students to act like young adults. Unlike middle school where teachers hold your hand and walk through everything high school is not like that. In high school, most teachers are not going to beg their students for them to turn in work that is missing or late. I learned first-hand last year I was a bit slacking in my science grades, missing work, Forgetting makeup work. My teacher never reminded me or told me multiple times to do my work. In the end my work is my own reasonability I should keep up with my own work. Another example is behavior as young adult student the behavior should reflect one of an adult. As a high school student, you are not a child any more fighting and talking back is not acceptable. At Spartanburg high, there is a zero tolerance policy no cursing or fighting as well as getting in school suspension for talking back or defiance of a teacher. Lastly I learned to be responsible for asking for help. Asking for help when I needed it was hard for me whether it was work or a lesson I did not understand. I am a shy person always has been always will be, I used to avoid asking teachers anything when I needed help. I did not want to seem like I was not smart or I wanted help but I was too afraid to ask. My math class in tenth grade first semester ended with my final grade as a sixty-six. Denying myself of getting help for that class caused me to have a bad

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