Personal Narrative: Lesson Before Dying

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At first when I was told I would be able to speak my mind as to what my thoughts would be on the effects of what happened and what Mr. Wilson should receive as a time to serve I knew exactly what to say, but when you begin putting pen to paper you get lost and all the fears and anxiety continue at a high level. Below are what continue to haunt me and my children on a daily basis. I still recall the time you woke up and looked over at me with this crazed look in your eyes. You kicked me so hard in my right jaw and right upper arm. I fell into the night stand, then onto the floor next to the bed. I stood up and saw you walking towards me. I screamed for Jayden to call for help. As I was picking items up off the floor in the bathroom, you kicked …show more content…

Your actions have taken away my sense of safety and security, which has influenced my ability to trust others. During our marriage, I felt depressed and beat down by you. I withdrew myself. Towards the end, you made me lie to your parents about your drinking. If I didn't, I was afraid of the consequences that I would suffer. I prayed your parents would see through your lies, especially since your Father was an abusive alcoholic.You told me on several occasions, that you know how to manipulate the system because you're a counselor and know exactly what to say to get yourself out of anything. You're narcissistic in every way. Your kids, my kids, your parents all asked you to get help. You refused. I trusted you when you said you loved me. How can you love someone and hit, kick and shove them? This has caused me to not feel good enough and question what everyone says to me. I believed in you. I thought I could fix it. I thought I could fix you. I'm still haunted by Auston saying, "Mom, you know I tried to protect you today, right?" This is something a parent should never hear their child say. I feel like a failure that I wasn't able to protect Auston from you the morning of 02/23/17. He was doing the right thing by getting me help. You have also left my son forever in fear of

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