Future Therapist Interview

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Hey Issac, I hope all is well. I enjoyed reading you little story about your elderly petite morning patient, it was cute. You made a lot of good points about first impressions and how it can help make the therapist sessions much smoother. This I believe is important because just like you and I, we can tell when people do not want to deal with us of are impatient or are just having a bad day. This energy sometimes rubs off on us and we treat this person just how they treat us and at the end of the day no one is happy. I believe as future therapist nonverbal communications can make or break you. I have had patients that wanted to give me attitude and wanted to be hard to deal with, but I always made it a point to redirect them and change the session around in a positive way. …show more content…

I believe it is important as future PT to always want to earn our patients trust. It is not easy talking to a person one has never met before, and I am sure it is just as difficult or even harder for a patient to trust you with their care. For example, I had a patient in the pass that was coming to the hospital at least once a week. He kept saying he fell, he fell fell, but I just could not believe him. I would work with him every time he was admitted to the hospital and constantly reassure him that I was here to help him and make sure he is always safe. After about the 5th time he was admitted into the hospital I looked him the eyes and told him, I was worried about his safety and I wanted him to trust me. He later told me His son would drink and beat him up when he refused to give him his grocery money. I believe without trusting me this patient would have never told me the truth and could have eventually ended up dead. Great post and see you during graduation 

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