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3. Growing Up: Growing up is the process of becoming more mature and wise. As people get older, they begin to see the world in new ways and use past experiences to shape their decisions. The process of growing continuously adds more stress to lives, while simultaneously adding better rewards. Quotes: The tree was not only stripped by the cold season, it seemed weary from age, enfeebled, dry. I was thankful, very thankful that I had seen it. So the more things remain the same, the more they change after all—plus c 'est la même chose, plus ça change. Nothing endures, not a tree, not love, not even a death by violence. - Chapter 1 This quote explains how things are constantly changing as time passes. Gene related this tree to all aspects of his…show more content…
School has taught me a wide array of knowledge that will assist me when I get into the real world. It has helped me have better reasoning, problem solving, and memory skills. Without school, I wouldn’t be nearly as intelligent or mature as I am today. I also wouldn’t have met all of my friends, who’ve helped shape me into the man I am today. As I’ve gotten deeper into my education, I realized that every year the stress levels and stakes get a bit higher. Teachers are constantly working to prepare us for the next level. One time in school when my growth thrived was my first few days of high school. In these days, I was able to realize how far I’ve come and what it’s going to take to be successful in the school. From the start, I made the decision that I wanted to do my very best in high school to help my future. Ever since I’ve made this decision, I’ve grown into a hard working, knowledgeable person. School has made me wiser and more prepared for the…show more content…
Revised Definition: Maturing as a person and growing up is one thing many people wish they didn’t have to do. This is because times spent as young person are more carefree and relaxed. As people grow up, society begins to place more stress upon their shoulders. More is expected of people as they get older and have more understanding of the world. The insignificant stresses a child seemingly grows into the major decision of how a person wishes to spend their life and with who. Growing up is a process that is very physical and mental. This two parts are integrated as they happen everyday in a person 's life. A person physically grows up during the adolescent and teenage years, when they go through the process of puberty. As a person 's body becomes more developed, so does their mind and knowledge. People become more responsible and sophisticated as they become adults. They learn to be mature and persistent in all they do. Many people don’t realize that they have what it takes when they’re faced with adversity in their life. This is because they don’t see how much they’ve grown overtime and how they’ve been prepared to overcome hardship. A major way that people grow up is through going to school and listening to those that are more experienced in the ups and downs of life. By taking part in these, people are able to acquire knowledge and guidance that enable them to success. Another major part of growing up is through a person’s failures. Not doing well pushes a person to

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