Ronald Reagan Middle School Research Paper

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Ronald Reagan Middle School The mission of Ronald Reagan Middle School is to embrace the diversity that all children possess and create an open, interactive learning program. All students are diverse in their learning and the mission of Ronald Reagan Middle School is to exercise the motto: Different, not less. Our educators inspire and support each child in their learning and ability. Our educators foster and support each and every student to be creative in learning. We also provide our students tools to learn to be accountable for their own individual learning, creating self-confidence and awareness of their individual success. At Ronald Reagan Middle School, we believe that a teacher is obligated, morally, to enter each classroom with…show more content…
Cooperative learning also creates self-confidence in each student by allowing them to be a part of a group and working together to create a common goal. - Direct instruction. With its structure, direct instruction can be one of the most powerful tools in providing instruction, for both children with and without disability. We use procedures that are grounded and systematic, providing sound teaching and learning principles. We ensure that our teachers are organized with the content needed to provide a cohesive learning environment. Our school always provides an option for students to receive individualized direct instruction in reading, math or language arts for those that need a more personal learning experience. - Technology-based learning. Ronald Reagan Middle School integrates today’s technology into our classroom curriculum. Students have a top of the line technology lab, equipped with IPad and other technology based products that students with disabilities can utilize. Our teachers are knowledgeable in designing, developing, evaluating, and integrating technology-based learning within our classroom. All of our classrooms are equipped with smart boards that encourage an interactive experience for all diverse…show more content…
We use guided instruction to promote creative and critical thinking. With our method of guided instruction, we use the idea of creative projects to assess learning of our students. Our guided instruction theory makes learning interactive and our educators make use of creative projects and presentation, integrating technology and other resources, rather than constant worksheets. Here at Ronald Reagan Middle School, we have a wide diversity of students. In the sixth grade alone, there are a total of one-hundred and forty-five students. There are sixty-two Caucasian/European American students. Forty-one of these students are African American students. Thirteen of these students are classified as Asian, and twelve of these students are Hispanic American. The other twenty students are half Middle Eastern, and the other ten students are bi-racial or multi-ethnic. Eighty of these sixth grade students are on grade level. Thirty-six of these students are white. Then twenty-one is African American. This leaves eight Asian students, five bi-racial students, four Middle-Eastern students, and six students are Hispanic. Out of the one-hundred and forty-five students, thirty-five of these students are above grade level. There are eighteen white students, seven African American students, five Asian students, three Hispanic students, one Middle-Eastern student, and one bi-racial
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