Observation Rection Of A Special Education Classroom Reflection

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Classroom Observation Reflection Abrar Hilal University of Oklahoma Tuesday, February 12 Classroom Observation Reflection Special Education Classroom Report The special education classroom that I observed, included the main teacher, two teacher assistants, and ten students with Developmental Delays. The main teacher uses technology to aid the students to learn easy and faster. A smart board is present in the classroom, but the teacher doesn 't use it often as she prefers to use her own handouts and her specially created activities. I think this is effective as she can modify activities better and so that the students benefit from that personalized touch. The class was very big and has many chairs, and tables no one uses it. Due to the wide array of students in her classroom, there is no set level of audio and visual stimulation. For example, one student is very sensitive to audio stimulation and will always cover his head when the smartboard is used to play music for the other students and another example being one student being hard of hearing, so she sits away from the teacher who recognizes this and lets her sit where she is comfortable. So, what I learned through the lectures this course that when the student has a hearing impaired should sit in the front and should stay near the teacher. Also, if the classroom includes a student who has a sensitivity to noise, the teacher should find solutions to help the student such as let the student wear a headphone or

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