Classroom Reflection On Special Education

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Classroom Observation Reflection
Abrar Hilal
University of Oklahoma
Tuesday, February 12
Classroom Observation Reflection
Special Education Classroom Report
The special education classroom that I observed, included the main teacher, two teacher assistants, and ten students with Developmental Delays. The main teacher uses technology to aid the students to learn easy and faster. A smart board is present in the classroom, but the teacher doesn 't use it often as she prefers to use her own handouts and her specially created activities. I think this is effective as she can modify activities better and so that the students benefit from that personalized touch. The class was very big and has many chairs, and tables no one uses it.
Due to
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The class consists of main teacher, one co-teacher, and 20 students without any special needs or disabilities (14 girls 6 boys). The difference between the general classroom and the special education classroom that was the students very quiet and didn 't make a lot of noise like in the special education classroom. The classroom was very small for 22 students. I was surprised when I entered the general classroom. all the girls in the front and all the boys were back.
Every day, two students come from special education classroom with the teacher assistant and spend 45 minutes. They come in the reading time. They have a separate table in the front of the classroom. The general education teacher uses the same curriculum that special education teacher uses an (All-Star Programme) for both students with special need and the other students. So, when the students with special needs came to the class. The First 10 minutes, the teacher gives them a handout for all the students in the classroom from (All-Star Programme) with colour. I didn 't like that students with special needs had their own solitary table in the general education classroom and doesn 't engage them with the other students when they colour. The last 30 minutes, the general education teacher and all students sit in a circle, then the teacher read the story. I like this part, because everyone is holding the other student
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The advantage of a general education classroom is that you get to spend time with your friends whilst learning which may take away the sting of learning subjects you may not enjoy. The schedule included a half an hour period of recess every day, which is used quite flexible to ensure the students are happy and focused.
What I learned from the course this semester that general education teacher should a modify her/his lessons to meet with all the students needs in her/his classroom (Mercer, Mercer, & Pullen, 2010).
After spending some time in both the general and special educational classrooms, I found there were similarities and differences between the two for example special needs students received more personalised care than their counterparts in both classrooms. A difference was that the special educational classroom was perhaps more effective at the students developing to their full potential whereas the general classroom would teach them better social and communication skills. In short, they are both great environments for the students to be in despite the differences.

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