Similarities Between Africa And America

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Some differences between West Africa and America. Although they bear some superficial similarities, the differences between life in Africa and that of America is clear. Firstly, I would like to start with the weather. There are only two seasons in Africa; the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season is generally the time of the year when the rain brings new life in the wilderness areas of Africa and bringing forth new growth. It is sometimes refer to as the season of non-travel because the roads become risky for travel purposes. During the dry season much of the surface water dries and the animal have to find source of unceasing water. On the other hand, there are four seasons in America; autumn (fall), winter, Spring and Summer. During the spring it is sometimes warm and at some point chilly. In the summer it is always hot and sunny. …show more content…

In Africa, all high school students wear uniform. The uniform color depends on the kind of school you attend. For example, all catholic schools in Liberia girls wear green and white and boys wear khaki and white. Generally, kids start school at the age of three and are promoted base on their performance in class. If a student doesn’t do well, at the end of the school year they are to repeat the class for a better comprehension. In addition, there is only one class for a particular grade; there is no need to change class. The bells only rings for recess and special need students are not separated from other students. There is no school bus. However, in America some private school’s students wear uniform; and public school’s student wear regular clothes. Kids start school at the age of 5. Special needs students are separated for other kids. There is a special class for every subject and the bell rings when it’s time to go to your next class. There are school buses that pick up students in the morning. Despite these differences, they are both a great place to

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