Post High School Transition Essay

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The transition from Primary school to Post-Primary school is a difficult time for anyone involved. It is one of the most drastic changes that students will ever encounter in the educational career. The transition is typically filled with anticipation and anxiety about homework, teachers, peers, academic rigor, school rules, getting lost, and many more factors. For the typical student, it is a whirlwind of emotion and anxiety. For students with special needs, these worries become even more prominent for the pupils and their parents. Not only do they have to worry about the stressors that typical students face, but they also have fears about accessing support and resources in order for them to succeed. In order for students to feel comfortable …show more content…

The transition from primary to post-primary education is one of the most drastic of those changes, and schools need to be equipped to accommodate that transition. For special educational needs, many steps need to be taken in order to familiarize both parties with the conditions they live with and how success can be met. In order for students to feel comfortable and make the transition as smooth as possible, there are many things that schools can do to ensure this success. In order for special education pupils to succeed, schools need to create inclusion in the classrooms and with peers, so that SEN pupils can interact with other students and experience real world classroom time. For students with disabilities, schools need to take some necessary steps in order for a beneficial transition to take place. Schools need to provide students with resources such as an RA or SNA (Special Needs Assistant) to students or teachers that want or need one. They also need to provide specific framework for students such as IEPs etc., allow pre-entry contact for pupils and parents, and create a strong relationship with parents based on constant communication. If schools can effectively provide these resources for students with special needs, the transition from Primary to Post-Primary education can run smoothly and create great educational experiences for these

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