College Admissions Essay: Growing Up In High School

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For many years I have been told you will never make it to college, but if you do that is a big surprise. My hometown has an innumerable amount of people who do not graduate high school and who do not plan to attend college. There are many dropouts both high school and college dropouts. I do not want to mirror those people. It is a horrifying expectation to live up to. Growing up in a town where it is expected for someone to fail, can make one develop a fear. The fear of failure, the fear of disappointment, and the fear of not being able to speak up for help is what flows through my mind every day. All of those phobias latched onto me. Fear itself is one of the major determinants for my reasoning to attend college and succeed in life. I …show more content…

Throughout my life, I have cultivated a positive outlook on life. I tend to see a half full glass while others may not. I was taught to be respectful and disciplined. I have a passion for music, learning about the brain, and math. My passion for music prospered when I joined my elementary's band. I play the clarinet. Since then it has been my dream to be in my college's marching band. In this case a Marching Chief. Moreover, my eagerness to learn about the brain rooted in my heart because the brain is a very intriguing topic. I would like to know about the cognitive, physiological, and the different parts of the brain that establish who we are individual. My love of math comes from the challenging equations. I enjoy a challenge and for me, math can be challenging. At times, I may come off as an awkward person but in reality, I do not know what to say, most of the times. My mind goes everywhere and I can get easily distracted. I am a friendly and compassionate person. I am an extremely caring person. In my hometown I worked as a tutor for elementary students. I taught first and second graders how to read and expanded their vocabulary words and introducing new ones to them. I enjoy working with children. I help my brothers with their homework and to help them have a better understanding on the concept they just

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