Personal Narrative Essay: My Sophomore Year Of High School

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When I was in my sophomore year of high school I heard: “Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose” (Lyndon B Johnson). A senior, giving their farewell speech to our band program, told us to all to focus on positivity, then you will, in turn, get positive results. This stuck with me. I like to plan ahead. I tend to stress so much that I forget to look at the light and instead focus on the darkness. This advice carried me through many hard times in my junior and senior years. It reminds me that you can not dwell on negativity, you must instead move forward with a positive outlook. December 11th, 2016, my older sister, Jenna, got into an awful car crash. She was working as a mail carrier for USPS when there were awful driving conditions. As she attempted to get into the right turn lane when her van hit a patch of ice and slammed into a stoplight pole. She had snapped her femur. Due to the circumstances she remained in the hospital through Christmas and a few days after. A few days after Jenna crashed, my other sister got into a car crash. She was ok, but her car was totaled. I, being the third child and only child not yet to crash, was not allowed to drive for a few weeks out of the fear that I would also crash. Remembering to think positively I kept hope that Jenna would be out …show more content…

My grandpa, Russell Sund, passed away October 2016. In April 2017 my dog, Emmy, had to be put down. I had her for most of my life, she had been suffering months prior to her death, she had lost feeling of her legs and could not see or hear well. July 2017, Kate Fronek passed away due to leukemia. Her sister, a friend of mine, was in my grade at the time. Although, for a period of time after each death I was broken and distraught I remembered yet again to try to be positive. All of these deaths had been preceded by a lot of suffering, they are finally at peace and do not have to continue the

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