College Admissions Essay: Personal Narrative Of My Life

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It 's three A.M. and there is nothing but the crickets serenading the moon, no lights but the moonlight kissing the curtains and the warmth of the bed you lay on. And yet you can 't sleep because, despite the comfort and safety of your bedroom, your young mind can 't help but create a fantastical arena of colors and magic. The crickets outside aren 't singing to the moon, they 're fighting off an enemy through the music they play. The moonlight outside the curtains is the ethereal guardian whose powers are protecting you from the enemies outside the window, powers that are manifested by the warmth and comfort of the castle you reside in. This pure and wholesome imagination is one that creates for you a magical world that you are lucky enough to be part of and it is this part of childhood that I am proud to carry with me through the my life so far. …show more content…

?Despite the fading wonder and magic of childhood, I take pride with the knowledge that my imagination and my ability to create and manipulate have remained with me throughout my growing years. My mind, with its flexibility and tendency for chaos and spontaneity, has helped me adapt to the buzzing of my school life allowing me to learn easily by adapting my mind to match that of the material involved and allowing me to create friends with the vibrancy of my thoughts and persona. My childhood allowed me to adapt to my environment and gave me the freedom to acquaintance myself with the world around me.
?One of the most useful aspects of this flexibility is how I can use it to adjust the plans I have for myself to match the unknown future. With this I can turn simple observation of my school activities to an entire plan that I can analyze and predict, a process that makes stems from years of childhood plans to "save the world and beat the bad guys". Even so I have managed to use the wild fervor of my childhood dreams into a powerful and motivating force that has brought me to the person I am

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