College Admissions Essay: My High School Career

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The world is vast from jungle to desert, and moutains to ocean. 95% of the ocean still remain unexplored. My world is a combination of many different realms that come together to represent my life. I live in Chatsworth, a small suburb of Los Angeles, with my mom, dad, and younger brother. I have a very supportive and large family who is always there for holidays and whenever you need them. I also have a small close knit group of friends that I spend a lot of time with. I have gone to school with them since I was eleven years old and been close with them ever since. I go to a private catholic school in West Hills that is very competitive. You are constantly hearing the phrases, “where are you going to college?” “What did you get on the test?” “How did you study?” This …show more content…

In addition to clubs I am also on the varsity lacrosse team and I have been for all four years of my High school career. As captain of the team, my coach relies on me to help start stretching exercises, choose plays, and even asked for my input on the starting lineup for the season. Besides the extracurricular activities associated with school I volunteer at a therapeutic horseback riding stable that serves children with mental and physical disabilities. I walk with the children on the horse and act as an additional safety net. They have taught me that no matter your abilities you can find a way to accomplish your goal. It is inspiring to see children who are unable to walk be brave enough to overcome physical constraints and ride horses. While I do a lot with in my small community environment this doesn’t stop me. I am constantly travelling to visit family all over the world from Texas all the way to New Zealand. My parents value travelling making me very fortunate to be able to travel all over the world, which is something that makes me very

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