College Admissions Essay: Ten Days Of My High School Life

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High school is nothing like John Hughes portrays it. No iconic soundtrack plays over my terribly mundane life. No one makes random connections on Saturday in detention. Jake Ryan did not kiss me on my sixteenth birthday, unfortunately. Cutting class and going on crazy adventures is profounfdly improbable, especially for me. In fact, most of my high school career consisted of me sitting at home, stuffing my face, and watching the aforementioned “old movies.” I would, without question, take a night watching Molly Ringwald and the rest of the Brat Pack over getting drunk and ruining my life any day. I aspire to be one of the few teenagers in this great nation who views high school as a place for learning. Why waste hours of my life deciding what to wear when the next six hours are only filled with note taking and lectures? Who should I be trying to impress? Spending thousands of dollars on clothes isn’t going to get me into college. My whole high school experience seems like a deep dark void of pointless worrying and …show more content…

Between the couples who will not let go of each other in the hallway and the distinct smell of cigarettes in the bathroom, there are moments where I am entertained by these idiots. I am learning to find humor in the little things: a single shoe on the roof of the breezeway, a teacher making a reference that only I understand, and a friend shooting me a look when someone we hate does something deplorably stupid. I have to learn to enjoy these things or I will go insane or become one of the people I loathe so fiercly. High school may have been sophisticated in the past or maybe I’m just an old soul who isn’t meant to be with people who take pleasure in such brainless actions. Either way, my high school experience can best be described by a quote from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, “I weep for the

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