College Admissions Essay: All My Life

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All my life I’ve been kicking back and relaxing. For life to solve itself. I thought that because I dabbled a bit in art, threw some music onto the internet,and was relatively intellitgent, I could cruise through existence without any stress. Now that I am at a point where I have to choose what to do. While a declared “Undecided” major may seem insubstantial or irresolute, I believe that it is one of the best choices for incoming freshmen. Allow me to clarify; considering that I am only seventeen, almost eighteen years old and still in high school, my perspective of the world is constrained. How should one in my position be expected to make a decision that will so profoundly impact the rest if one’s life, without first exploring all of my alternatives? …show more content…

I plan to become hopelessly enamored with a field I 've yet to find. Our life 's adventure must start be initiated with one step and in this case, that one step is choosing a major. When you picture a subway station, there are numerous paths to numerous stations. However, the paths laid out have varied options and offer many different things. Our task is simply to choose whichever path that tickles our fancy. To me, I must investigate and breathe in every moment life has to offer. But by choosing a major, I feel that everything is limited and cut short. I 've never really been proud to say that I was undecided in my major. One may not be able to choose a path, but one can always choose the train. I have such a large number of alternatives accessible to me, I 'm taking a little bit of time to explore and make a good choice. Choosing a major now would be like assuming I was preparing to close my doors. I know I’ll have to find the right focus, eventually. But first, I’ll figure out what I love. There will be dozens of internal debates over my interests. I’ll quarrel and dispute, unsure of whether I truly love what I’m doing, hesitant about whether this is what I want to be doing five years from now. But it is not relevant for it’s all a part of

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