Personal Narrative: Just Mercy By Bryan Stevenson

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College may be the best and most important time of my life. I get the opportunity to make new friends, try new things, and to begin learning about things that I’m truly interested in. I’m slightly unsure of the exact direction I want to take with my life, but as proved in Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson, as long as I choose to follow my passion I will end up doing the right thing in life. Whilst Bryan Stevenson has the profound passion of justice and mercy, my passion is very different. My passion in life is to provide dogs with better eye care. When a dog has an eye problem such as their eyesight going bad, unlike humans who get glasses; the dog is just allowed to walk around with poor eyesight. Also, in the event of eye trauma, instead of attempting to salvage the eye, the dog’s eye is often times completely removed or the dog is simply euthanized. I find this unacceptable, especially with the technology that is now accessible. There must be …show more content…

He knew it was important to have a law office that specifically dealt with death row prisoners. This way he could bring his passion of justice and mercy to those he thought were unjustly incarcerated, thus bringing the change he felt needed to happen. I plan to follow a similar route. After completing my education, I plan to open my own veterinary clinic. I feel that that is the better route to go rather than simply going to work for another veterinarian office as they might not understand my passion for these dogs with poor eyesight. Also, having a special office just for dogs will eye problems will allow me to focus more upon the problem, while also attracting people across the country to the veterinarian focusing solely on their dog’s poor eyesight. Bryan Stevenson experienced a similar effect as his law office became more well known, he got more clients from across the nation. This allowed him to further introduce

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