Personal Narrative Fiction

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I wake up from the loud banging of thunder. I can’t go back to sleep, so I struggle down the hallway to the kitchen to fill up my growling stomach. After eating a large bowl of lucky charms, I walk back to my room. As I lay down on my bed, I hear a noise coming from my closet. My first reaction is to run out of my room, but instead I creep over toward my closet to investigate. I see a tall dark figure wearing a ski mask. The figure jumps out at me. I run to my parent’s room. I yell, “Mom, Dad!” I shake my Mom's shoulders but she doesn't move. I roll her over more forcefully. Only to find a puddle of blood. I race out of the room shaking like a leaf in the wind to the kitchen to grab a knife. I sneak slowly looking for the killer. I walk through my parents’ bedroom door once again, (I get pushed down) by the intruder. …show more content…

I try reaching for the knife, but the killer steps on my hand. I scream. He grabs the knife from off the ground, he picks me up, and I feel cold sharp metal on my throat. I feel him pushing the knife into my throat drawing blood I break out of his hold before he can kill me, and I fight to get the knife back, I get the knife and threaten him with it. I yell “get back!” he takes a step back and then bolts, I run to the phone and dial 911. The ambulance and cops come shortly after I called them. They investigate to find out who killed my mother and where my dad was the next day. I couldn't go to sleep for the next week because of what happened. Its 3:34pm I say to myself I have to figure out who killed my mom and where my dad went. I am living with my grandma now because I have no one else to live

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