How To Describe A Haunted House

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I see the faint shadows of towering, tall trees side by side in the forest. It 's dark out. All the critters are asleep and there are no longer the sounds of angry drivers racing down the nearby highway, or shouts of children on the playground a couple blocks down. The white, fluffy, deep snow makes it hard to walk, and my feet are numb from the cold. I have to squint my eyes to make out what 's in front of me. I can see my breath when I breathe out. I can hear the snow crunching underneath my thick wool boots and fuzzy socks, and can hear the sound of my own breathing. The faint howling of the wind sounds like ghosts swarming the city on Halloween. I notice an old abandoned, dilapidated house far off in the distance, in desperate need for a new paint job. With it’s rickety old …show more content…

As I approach the house, I smell the old musty smell of the house. When I step on the front steps of the house, I hear a creak from underneath the floorboards. With every step, it seems like the creaking gets louder. I rap my hands around the dusty door handle and slowly pull open the unlocked door. The inside looks like what you’d expect. Cobwebs linger in every witch way, and antique furniture layered with dust sits perfectly arranged in the living room. Cautiously, I walk farther into the house to explore. With every heavy step and pressure on the floor boards, it feels as if the house will collapse on top of me. I make my way into the kitchen. An old wooden table sits in the corner, along with matching chairs. Water drips out of the faucet in the corner. I open the a cabinet, but there are only more cobwebs. Anxious to get out of this place, I start to walk back to the door and exit, but stop dead in my track. My heartbeat increases as I intently listen to a hard pounding noise, that appear to be getting louder by the second. Bang, Bang, Bang. I crouch behind a nearby staircase as the volume of the pounding increases. All of a sudden, it stops and I work up the nerve to stand up

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