Adelaide Carson Trial Case Study

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On June 10, 1692, Adelaide Carson went to trial for the accusations of dark witchcraft in the small town of Salem. Later on that day, the jury confirmed the accusations were true that she practiced dark witchcraft and sentenced to death by hanging. Right before her death, she cursed her house with the most demonic spell she knew. For 318 years people have lived in the old Carson’s house but only to disappear after a month of staying there. Most people in the town think that the people just leave without warning. Then there are others who say something in the house won 't let them leave. Many people in the town never talked about the house when their children wanted to know why no one lives there. Now October 31, 2016, teens, children, and parents go from houses to blocks for free candy. People never go near the old Carson 's house …show more content…

Then others say that it was just an abandoned house that the owners left there. Many people were drawn to the house because of its looks of the outside but the inside because was a whole different level of creepy. The outside of the house had this beautiful pathway that had roses along the walkway up to the front of the house. The smell of the outside of the house was so strong you could smell it miles away. The smell was like a sweet earthy smell you could get lost in forever. The grass was so sharply cut you could cut yourself with it. The bushes by the french doors had patches of different types of flowers. There was a patch of lilies by the marble steps that gave off a tropical feeling. The house had an old spooky look but yet a homey look. When the group of 10th grader thought it would be funny to spend the night and prove everyone wrong that is was just an abandoned house nothing more. When the church clock struck 12 and the church bells sang

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