Dbq 11 Monologue

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There was blood everywhere. The ringing of bombs being dropped. The banging sound of gunshots. I’m here in bed trying to get to sleep. But I can’t. The thought of jews getting killed and the thought of me being killed is too much. I live in Germany because we don’t have the money to get out. I spend hours a day sitting in bed. It is December the 3rd of 1939 and just a few months ago war was declared. Ever since that day it has been living hell. We can’t go out in the world without being captured. The Germans are killing us jews because they think it's our fault that they lost WWI. It’s hard. We hide. Jane is who lets hide in her house. She never told us her last name. I can’t sleep. But I must sleep. Big things can happen any day. I cry myself …show more content…

Then he ran. I almost screamed but I didn’t because I was scared of getting killed. He ran right into the electric fence and he died in front of me. They just drag his body away. “You will do whatever we tell you to do.” they say in English. I was scared. They put me to work right away and I was slow at first. They beat me up. When they put me back to work I was soor. I had to work fast so I didn’t get beaten. I was wondering if I was going to get food. But I missed breakfast. I was working and when I finished they made me do more. Then was lunch break. I thought I would get food. But I didn’t. I watched many people get beaten up. “Ooh” they would grunt. I always felt bad. Hours had passed. Dinner time. They feed us a soup of some sort. It is disgusting. More people get beaten up. Including me. I’m in so much pain. They force us to sing. We have to go to bed. They make us exercise until we faint. Then someone fainted and hit their heads. There dead. We now have to sleep 5 to a bed. We can’t leave. The beds hurt to sleep on. We sleep for 4 hours. I wake up for my first full day at camp. Breakfast is just as bad as dinner. All we got is bread and coffee. The same stuff repeats and new prisoners come every …show more content…

I want to live so badly. But I want to see Mum and Pa in heaven. Months and Months go by. Me getting weaker by the day. I pray every day that we all would be saved. I stop feeling emotion when people die. It happens so often. I have gotten used to it. It's hard not talking to anyone. I can’t feel pain anymore. I have lost weight to. More months go by. I have started talking to a few people. Not with words. I know morse code. So does Tom. He started tapping in patterns that I recognised. Then I knew he was using morse code. I told him how bad it was. He was older than me. He would give me some of his food sometimes. Until one day. He tried fighting back. One of the nazis was beating him up for working slow hand he tried grabbing his gun. Got shot in the face. That's another one of my friends gone. I now try not to make any new friends. I know they will end up dying. It also gives a risk to me and them. I'd rather not have to deal with being sad. I have started to adjust. I have broken just about every bone in my body. I have blisters on every part of my body. I have gotten used to the constant hunger. Years have started to go bye and im lucky im alive. I have been broken on the inside and the outside. I show no emotion. I lost track of what day it was years ago. I lost track of how many people died the first day. For the first time in years I asked one of the new comers a question. “What year is it?” The new comer whispered back ‘April 29, 1945” He got

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