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When people think about the life of living in a concentration camp, they think about how unbearable and inhumane the way people were treated and how they had to live in order to survive. Elie Wiesel will help you better understand the way they lived and what they went through in their everyday life and what it felt like to finally be free. He tells us a story about the lifestyle in living in a concentration camp, how he and his father and many others try to survive, and how the people who survived were finally able the live free again and he tries to get people to understand everything that happened and how everyone who was brought the the camps understood what had happened. In the beginning of the book Night by Elie Wiesel everybody was being …show more content…

The SS didn’t take anything you had to follow and live by the rules in order to survive. An example of when you do something wrong is, “It struck me as terribly funny and I burst out laughing. Idek jumped, turned and saw me, while the girl tried to cover her breasts. I wanted to run away, but my feet were nailed to the floor. Idek grabbed me by the throat. Hissing at me, he threatened: “Just wait, kid… You will see what it costs to leave your work… You’ll pay for this later… And now go back to your place... “ A half hour before the usual time to stop work, the Kapo assembled the entire Kommando. Roll call. Nobody understood what was going on. A roll call at this hour? Here? Only I knew. The Kapo made a short speech: “An ordinary inmate does not have the right to mix into order people’s affairs. One of you does not seem to have understand this point. I shall therefore try to make him understand clearly, once and for all.” I felt sweat running down my back. “A-7713!” I stepped forward. “A crate!” he ordered. They brought a crate. “Lie down on it! On your belly!” I obeyed. I no longer felt anything except the lashes of the whip”(Wiesel 57). This quote helps explain the lifestyle in a concentration camp because in this quote it shows that if you leave your work their will be consequences. Wiesel left his work and heard Idek doing something so he went and looked to see what he was doing and since this wasn’t allowed he got punished by being whipped 25 times. After learning how to life and how to build a life off of what the SS made you, everyone at the camp started to learn how to survive more and more. The SS didn 't care about anything so Elie and his father and everyone there had to do everything perfect or else you would be dead or whipped or whatever they wanted to do would

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