An Essay On Night By Elie Wiesel

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Night Essay Sacrificing everything in your life and even your family can be very startling. In that perspective in your life it can change anything for you in a glimpse of a second. In the novel, Night. Elie, eventually leaves for the death march. That was impenetrable thing on them not wanting his dad go to the death march. In the conclusion of life in the sequence that they all go through can be devastating because knowing your family could vanish in the matter of a second and your life on the stake can be very frightening. In the story Night, Elie uses variations of different contrast between everyone at the camp. The story Night can tell you all the consequences and hard times that they had in their uneven life. Your mind going insane as you think of all the different types of ways …show more content…

(Gerund, provides evidence on how hard it was -ing) “The look in his eyes as they stared into mine, has never left mine” (Wiesel, 119) Going to a concentration camp being poor can truly be challenging. Beneath the poor man he was telling them information because being down in the dirt traveled on many times people don’t look at him with respect. (Prepositional phrase) But, of course, the people didn 't listen because he was poor. Of the stressfulness and miserable images they had in their head they were way too scared to only image what was next. (Infinitive, starts the sentence “of”) He closed his eyes as though to escape time” (Wiesel, 17). This eye motif can show you how intense the camp was taken seriously in the book Night. Elie uses sturdy examples with eye motif with the sorrow in peoples eyes of scarce of the people treated like they were slaves. “He closes his eyes, as though to escape time” (Wiesel, 13). This example can show the drought of their eyes bringing them down to their feet for time to escape for peace for once and for

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