World War 2 Significance

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The World War 2 is the most large scale war that had ever happened in the world history. It reflects the cruelest sides of the human beings by killing tremendous amount of innocent people. This war not just brought people’s deaths, but also resulted big financial losses to all countries that had participated in it. Many people had to spend most of their time in the underground, apart from the sun, because it was the only place that was considered to be safe. Some of them gave up their hopes, while others cried out for current safety, other than tomorrow’s smile. They might die the next day, or a second later, this fear crushed them down and made them tremble and burst into tears. Fathers, boyfriends, and brothers left their lovings behind and headed to the bloody zone with firm and cold face. They attached their nation’s flags on their hearts and confronted the enemies with murderous weapons, not knowing that their enemy might also be one of the people who were forced to leave their families. Men had to kill the other men unwillingly. August 15, the seventieth anniversary of the World War 2, is coming up and it reminds people the history of this war. Even though, it has been seventeen years from the end of the World War 2, the fact about its existence still alarms people about …show more content…

Even though, seventy years have passed, the background of the World War 2 gives a concern about the possibility of another World War might arise. So the anniversary of the World War 2 can’t be commemorated having the meaning of ‘the end’ of the war, but with a meaning of a ‘pause.’ To make this World War 2 as the last Great War, UN should keep watch on countries’ relationships with another to avoid them crashing against each other. Also, the country should develop its national power, so that they can manipulate other countries that are planning to start a

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