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I watch him as he step out the door, holding a red suitcase in his right hand. not once he glance back at me or my mom. she sitting at the edge of the bed with her face in her boths hand, sobbing. I stare at her across from my room and tears start falling as it hurts to watch how much pain she in. I step back to my bed and cry in my pillow. I… “Meiko” “..........” “Meiko!” i jump as Mr.johnson yelled, napping out of my thought. I saw him standing in front of the white board, next to a his desk with an angry expression on his face. I look around and saw all the students in math class attention were on me. They turn their body as they sitting in their seat, locking their eyes on me. “Answer the,” Mr.johnson pause for a second, “What was the question?” I stay silent and lower my head …show more content…

*Does he read people mind*. “ My arm’s getting tired,” he pout, looking so damn cu....*snap it out* “How do you know this,” I ask as I take the my favorite he give me, “ Do I know you?” “You know me but you don't remember me,” his face fall down, “ I wish you would remember me,” He mumbled, thinking that i won't hear but i did and that when I start to get annoying. I tried of hearing those line everytime when I ask that question when he talk to me. My face start to get red with anger and that when I lose myself. “ Can't you just leave me alone!” I yell and all the student in the hallway stare at us, “ If you wants me to remember you, why can't you just tell me!,” my face began to get red, “ stop giving me the things I like or needs and hell, how do you even know, are you my brother or my boyfriend cause if you are i don't remember having one?” Silence pass a minute as I stop yelling. His eye is wide open and his eye show nothing but hurts. As soon as I realize what i say or did, my eye goes wide open while covering my mouth as I step back. I looks around and see students were shock as I am. I turn my heel and rush back

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