Personal Narrative: The Elite Leaders

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Ever since I could remember, my mother has always told me to forget about the time before us and the world outside of our village, it is forbidden to know more than what the Elite Leaders have told us. We are required to stay in our cabins from seven at night till eight in the morning, with only a little amount of food and a hard bed for the both of us. We must stay inside the barriers of the community or else the Elite Leaders will decide our cause of death. No one knows exactly who the Elite Leaders are, or how they came to be, but it is best not to know for our safety. “Elizabeth, wake up, you have to go to school today if you do not remember,” said my mother as she tugged on my arm. My mother always has the tendency to get on my back about the tiniest things, she has always been like that since the day they took my dad. “I’m going, I’m going, chill mom, I’m not going to be late.” I rushed out of bed and put on my uniform that consists of a blue polo and a black skirt. I prepared myself breakfast, brushed my teeth, and walked out the door. As I arrived at school, the atmosphere felt abnormal. Kids crowded around the closed gates, which are usually open by this time, and the teachers seemed as if they were ordered to remain completely calm during the whole situation. No one spoke a word during this time, everyone waited silently for answers. Finally, a group of …show more content…

There was a picture of an old newspaper article about some sort of war that had happen. It terrified me to believe that in the time before, our kind was once so advanced and capable of doing anything that it killed them. After doing excessive research, it made me wonder how the Elite Leaders came to be. I knew I had to stop the Elite Leaders from controlling us, we are capable of so many things, but yet we are being held by their leash, they are the only ones stopping us from ever achieving the

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