Personal Narrative: Winning The Race

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It was quite Monday in spring, a normal day but for me and my team it was a big day. It was the day we started training for the important race; the race decide which track team was the best in the city.
My teammates are, George, Aron and Dylan. We have been working hard because we lost the championship last year it would be good for us to come out this year and win the championship. The teams that we are going against are good their coaches are pro coaches they know what they are doing that’s a big Adventist for them. I'm the fastest on my team and all my teammates are depending on me to win the championship, for the first time. I am scare because I have never had this much responsibility on me I don’t want to let my teammates down, there's …show more content…

The Moring my mom wake me up and she made me a healthy breakfast I she made me drink a lot of water before I when to school, when I got to school my teammate George came up to me and said "we need you to be at your best today because you are our fastest runner we can win this championship if you have a good race" I told him that I'm going to do my best to help the team to win the championship. Later that afternoon when we when to the track for the race I was nervous, because there was a big crowed so I when in the locker room I started getting ready then my mama walked in the change I said don’t let me go out there mama place she said " you are worried about the big race you should be worried about the big crowed out there so many worries on your mind you forgot which shoe go on witch foot,

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