Personal Narrative: Goal Number One

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Goal Number One I didn’t know it yet, but the way I viewed the game of lacrosse was about to change drastically. It was a normal day for me. I was in eighth grade, and I was getting ready for school. When I was ready for school, I sat down at the table and waited for everyone else to be ready. While I was waiting, I decided to make some breakfast for myself. So, I made a bowl of cereal, some eggs, and a cup of milk, along with an apple. I had to make sure I got my daily nutrients, as I remembered, Hey! I have a game today! As I thought about it; how I would prepare myself for the night, I thought of ways I could improve my game. On the long drive to school, it was a nice sunny day in about the middle of February. Yes, it was cold and a little windy, but I put all of that aside and I could not get my mind off of the …show more content…

I take the team into my hands. The referee blows the whistle to start us off. When I hear the whistle, I start running faster than a rabbit towards the ball. The ball is on the ground. As soon as I see it, I get it off the ground and take it down to score. When I get close enough to the goal, I make a dump pass to one of my team members and they score. The stands are going crazy now! As I make my way back to line up, coach yells “That’s what I am talking about Meade!!”. After we scored one more goal, the score was four to three. It is the start of the fourth quarter now. Spartan High, somehow scores a myriad of goals. The score now is six to three. I call a timeout, and everyone hustles to the sideline. I tell my team “Here we go again. We do not need to start getting behind now. It is still the fourth quarter. There is still time on the clock. The game is not over, and if you think it is, you can stay on the sideline. If you are ready catch up and whoop some Viking tail, you will take the field! Now let’s get fired up, and let’s take this dub

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