Western Branch: Team Analysis

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Failure is an opportunity for some to improve and build upon themselves so they have a better chance to succeed in the future. My junior year at Western Branch was an exciting one with a lot of surprises and disappointments. That year my track team came close to winning the state championship, but with a lot bad performances by the team, myself included, we were not able to overcome the competition. It was an even greater blow when the girls’ side of the team won, despite the boys’ team having more naturally talented athletes. The work that we put in during the summer, fall, and winter felt like it was for nothing more than to lose some weight and get in shape. I found many things that I could have done better during the meet and my season that would have ended with us coming out as state champions. As I considered things that went wrong and led to our failure, I noticed that during the year I mainly focused on myself and didn’t think about how my teammates were doing during their season. “There is no I in Team”, as the …show more content…

I competed in an individual event, the 110 meter hurdles, but in the preliminaries I false-started and was disqualified from the race. I was extremely hard on myself but I had to suck it up and become a team player so that I could come back and compete in the shuttle hurdle relay. I didn’t want to let my team down. In the relay I was the first leg, which is the first to run. I was somewhat nervous because of my mistake in the open hurdles; nevertheless, I had my teammates to encourage me. Despite my slipup, they told me there was no way I could lose and that we would win our national title. After winning and getting our national rings, I realized that all I had to do was believe in myself and my training would allow me run my personal best throughout the

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