My Experience With Failure

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Everyone in this world may run into an experience with failure. It might stop a person from moving forward, but it also could be a turning point that drive you to a successful path. The key point depends all on yourself, and carry a heart that keeps you walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm. And yet, I have crossed over my own hurdles, and ready to face more. Track and field day was coming soon, I was with my third grade class ready to practice for running hurdles in PE class. I had never ran hurdles before, so I was quite excited. The first time trying it, I ran and jumped. Everything went well; I was quite confident about it. For the second round, I ran and jumped just like the first time, but it didn't turn out like what I had expected. I hit the hurdle and fell down badly. With the pain, I still got up and went to jump for another one. Unfortunately, I failed again. My knees hurt, but my heart hurt more. I still …show more content…

It was the time I decide to change, I wanted to conquer my fear. So I made my own hurdle out of a box, and I practiced it every day at home. Finally the day I had been waiting forever had come. I was still scared but also every excited, because I'm not sure if my training will work or not. I was worried about everything, worried what if I fell down again, worried to be embarrassed in front of everyone, worried that fears would over take my strength. Even though I had been practicing for a long time, I still don't know whether I could cross over the deep part inside of me or not, where the wound haven't been healed completely yet. I ran and jumped as hard as I could, and I made it. I continued to jump over another and another. The sense of achievement was filled out my heart, I was so proud of myself, I'm so thankful that I didn't live up my effort. The only one who can beat me is me, I have won this battle of fighting against the

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