Personal Narrative: My First Amputee Runner

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Ready! Set! Go! As the elder referee fires the flare gun, the runners take off. Among the runners are several serious athletes, including Josiah, who are competing for the "Number One in the Nation" award. A serious award that not only would be a cool looking trophy, but a doorway to new beginnings. Beginnings such as being accepted into college for free, with scholarships, or being the first amputee runner to become the "All American Runner of the Year" award. All of these make Josiah want to come in first place even more, but competing at levels like this may be a challenge, especially for Josiah, the one-legged track star who lost his left leg in a car accident.

For Josiah, he says that running with a fake leg isn't so hard, …show more content…

Still I first, I begin to slow down in pace. I shouldn't have used up most of my energy in the beginning. I'm only half way done with the the 1600 meter, and I'm going to need to preserve my energy. I decide that I will have to take a small break to "Recharge" my energy. Others are now getting very close now, so I decide my little break is over. I fell good enough to finish this race, as I rapidly pick up my pace. The finish line is so close, but so are the other runners. By now, I can hear all of the players booing at me. "I'm going to prove them wrong" I say as I run through the finish line. As the thin piece of paper tears, I'm overwhelmed. Even though I knew I would win, it was still a struggle. The struggle was kind of symbolic of my life. Lots of "Ups" and lots of "Downs". There were times when I had to just take a break, like what happens a lot when I'm getting bullied. At the same time, the was lots of love. Love for the sport, and love for my mom. Track pulled me out of the dark, old life I used to live,and I'm forever great full for it. Track would be now be my career. I can't explain how excited I am for all of these

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