Membe Time-Personal Narrative

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As we stood on the freshly cut grass motionless, in complete despair, we soon realized the effort we had given was simply not enough. We could have ran those suicides harder, connected one more pass, added 5 more pounds in the weight room. Although the crowd was roaring, everyone in a white uniform stood as if there wasn’t a sound heard for miles. With 56 seconds left on the clock, we all knew our season was coming to an end. The time that we thought was boundless, was ended by a buzzer that only brought disappointment. Months later, the sting of losing still haunted us. Summer came and no one dared to speak of the game, yet you could tell it burned in the back of our minds as we pushed ourselves harder than ever before. Attitudes and efforts changed. There was a sense of urgency inside of every …show more content…

I saw a gap between two defenders and I made the run as my center mid played a perfect ball. After the 45 yard run, with a defender on my right side, I realized this is it. The hundreds of road trips, hours practicing, and the pain comes down to this. I took one touch and sent a blazing shot to the back post, upper 90. I stood in awe as I heard the crowd going insane. My teammates tackled me celebrating, leaving the ball in the back of the net and the goalie with her head between her hands. The scoreboard ticked the last few seconds away before letting out a sound of excitement that was prior a sound of disappointment. Losing in the sectional finals was devastating, but it motivated me in the off season. Coaches always say “we can learn from this loss” and I never took it seriously. Our failure set us up for more success than imagined. We not only won sectionals, we continued to the regional final as well. Looking back, I am very thankful for that loss. We wouldn 't have been as successful as we were this season without

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