North Pocono Baseball Team Case Study

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When anyone on the 2015 North Pocono baseball team is asked what comes to mind when they think of last season, it’s the loss to Abington in the district semifinals. Not the fact that ten of thirteen league games were won or that a league title was won, but it was the bitter end to a phenomenal season. This year, my junior year, things will hopefully go better than the previous year. The plan is to have the best work ethic as a team, team chemistry to be sky high, and to win the state championship. As a team, the work ethic needs to be second to none. Whether it is waking up to go to a 6:00 practice before school or staying after practice to get some more swings in, the team needs to find ways to become better. Even the littlest things can make a huge difference. There may be teams that have some more talent, but there should be no team to outwork us.…show more content…
Good teams are best friends with their teammates, but the best teams make their teammates family. This team needs to pick one another up when they are down, but also needs to make sure that some players don’t get to high on themselves. Even outside of baseball we must be there for each other. If someone is having a rough time off the field, we should make sure everything is going alright. As a team, we have been playing with one another for most of our lives. We have built a bond that can never be broken, that bond can only help with our future success. The goal for every high school baseball team is to win the state championship. North Pocono has not won a state title, at least not in the 16 years that I have been alive. If any team deserves the title, it is this year’s team. This group of guys is different than any other. They have more heart and determination than anyone I have ever met. The best part is nobody on this team will stop until that state championship banner is hung in the high school
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