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Almost everyone makes a goal for the new year; not many people accomplish their goal. The people who keep their goal most likely had a plan for completion. This year, I have created a goal for myself; I want to challenge myself to be the best athlete I can be. This year, I hope to improve on giving softball my all. Sometimes in softball, I don’t give 110% as I should. At practice, I tend to go through the motions. When I miss the ball at practice, I feel as if it 's not important because it 's not a game. This year, I 'm going to try to have the same mentality. My coaches always tell me practice like you’re in a game, that way it comes natural. One of my other weaknesses is being lazy. I tend to make excuses for myself. I like to stay on the couch and do nothing, when I knew I should be working. In softball, Our coaches tell us to put in extra work; the extra work helps become a better player. All the extra things I do help me out in the future. Another weakness I have is having a bad attitude. When I miss a ball in the game, I tend to dwell on it instead of moving …show more content…

I have a plan to become a better athlete. Part of my softball practice each week, is going to EM Speed and Power; we participate once a week. My plan this year is to go twice a week instead; all I have to do is make time in my schedule. I will try to do an hour of batting cages and an hour of conditioning at EM. Besides EM, I wont to practice on my own. I can ask my mom or dad to take me to the field that way I can work on my mechanics. Asking my dad to hit ground balls to me will help me to become a better infielder. Playing catch, will also strengthen my arm and help me with the throw from second to first, or from shortstop to first. Part of my success, I owe to my batting and fielding coach, Danielle. She provides her knowledge of softball to make me a better player. This year, I want to ask more questions during my lessons and challenge myself more. I hope this year, I will become a strong

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