An Essay About Querencia

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What is a querencia? A querencia is not just a place your parents drag you against your will. Querencia our supposed to be the place where you go to detox, so you can get away it’s like a second home. Querencia our supposed to be place your comfortable at a place where you go to have fun or just get away. A place where you desire to go a place you're at your best when you go there. My querencia is a place where your with girls that you consider your family or your sisters, mine querencia is a softball field. My querencia might just look like some grass and dirt, but it's more then that to me it's a home to me. My home strengthens me because we all have to work together to get things done. If none of us work together we will never get anywhere. …show more content…

All you need to have to enjoy this place is your friends, family, blackout, Gatorade, a softball, a team, bat, glove, helmet, love, fun, caring, excitement, and batting gloves. You don't just need that to make sure this game happens without support of other this game would never be. I love the way my team makes everyone comfortable on the field, that's why I love softball because everyone is there for you. A softball field does not just have all those great qualities there is laughter and happiness that also have to be in that mix. If we had none of this there would be no joy to softball. More reasons I draw strength from the softball field is because we have to learn how to get along. We also have to learn to hustle without hassle we will be lackadaisical and we out of it, so we learn hustle and give it your all. We also learn to think best about something and not look on the bad side. If everything you do you look on the bad side you will get nowhere, so my querencia taught we a lot and I am proud to say my querencia. As we get older we fight less, we

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