El Olvido

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El Olvido by Judith Ortiz Cofer, covers the dangers of forgetting yours roots and culture. It emphasizes the idea that forgetting where one comes from and creating adjustments in a new setting, may be dangerous to the person. Many people are able to relate to this text, but Cofer was able to direct this to the hispanic race, as the common spanish names Jesus, Maria and Jose are used. This poem made a mood that made us feel sad and worried for the person telling the poem. The poem comes from the point of a women as we see “she says” towards the end and directs this poem to the three people who should be thought of her children, someone she knows, or just the hispanic race in general. She speaks for them in a melancholical manner as she reminds the reader of the dangers of forgetting. She is worried for their life as they may be influenced to become someone they are not not. El Olvido gives us intense tone as the mother prays for her …show more content…

All I can imagine is my mother reminding her children, that we should never forget who we are, that we should never forget our roots as we grow. In this era, young people are influenced to follow societal norms and are capable to forget their family culture. Hispanics parents will do all in their power to never allow a culture to get lost, to never lose a race, and to never lose their children. Me personally, I know I have felt that my two cultures, American and Mexican, will always interfere. One may not satisfy the other, but their will be points where they meet each other. My Mexican culture is so rich and influential It is almost impossible to forget. It's so heavily imprinted into my life, that I live the way I know my mo would be satisfied to a point. Yet at the same time, I have grown my American culture to make decisions of reality. Whether it was a good influence or a bad influence, we have allowed our culture shape who we are; it is dangerous to forget our

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