High School Baseball Team

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Our Scott City high school baseball team hasn 't been good my whole high school career. We have lost more games in the last four years than any team I know of. My freshman year we only won one baseball game, sophomore year only won one game, junior year we won three games and this year we have won 3 games out of five that 's better than I thought we would do. I think a big part why we lose is because the coaches and the players who don 't try. My freshman and sophomore year we had coach Baker and he seemed to try to make us better we just couldn 't fix the problem. Last year and this year we have coach Dirks and coach Hughes. They don 't push us as hard as they should and they honestly don 't coach as good ask coach Baker did. That 's one…show more content…
None of the guys on varsity put in effort every day at practice like the coaches ask. I feel like if some of them actually tried we could be pretty good because we have all been playing together since t-ball and now we all know the game pretty well. I think that if we put as much effort as they do in basketball and football then we should be just as good as they are in those sports.
The coach’s effort to make the team better is really low. They don 't move people around in practice to see who should be where or to see if there is anyone who is better than someone. They wait until the game to move someone to third base who has never played third ever. They let parent’s coaches and tell them what to do instead of making their own decision. For example, our second baseball game we had a freshman who was benching varsity and he didn 't get in at all so his dad got mad about it and called coach and all of the sudden chase gets pulled out so that the
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If I was the coach, I could have several ways to try to win and change it up a little bit. Even though everyone normally knows where they are playing because they always play there, I would ask were they want to play and put them there for practice and see how they do and if they do good then maybe they will get to play there in a game it won 't hurt anything.
Right now the varsity and Junior variety split up for practice but I think we should stay together, if we stay together the coaches have a better opportunity to see who has the ability to play varsity or who can play where, to see who is good and bad. The coaches should push us harder at practice and maybe we can win more. The softball team went from easy practice to being pushed hard and now they win a lot of the games they
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