Personal Essay: A Career As A Drum Major

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Leadership: taking the initiative to establish a clear vision, share it with those whom are being led a certain direction, and coordinating all interests to accomplish glorious victories. A drum major is not simply the person who conducts the marching band, they are the one responsible for taking on a magnificent leadership role; they must be role model for all of its members and it is their job to make each and every member feel valued, no matter what their position may be. As a drum major, I would strive to lead the East Haven High School North Branford High School Co-op marching band to victory on and off the field. The first step to being a superb drum major is to possess extraordinary leadership skills. I have been a leader in various musical aspects, as well as in other areas that have prepared me to…show more content…
It is crucial that we all work together. As a marching band, we need to stop getting stuck on the notion that each section is a separate entity from another. The drum major, the woodwinds, the brass section, the pit, the drum line, the color guard, we are all one voice. This even extends to the idea that some of us are from different towns, different schools, and might be several years apart in age. As drum major, I would strive to unite every member of the marching band both on and off the field. We are all here because we share a common interest and we need to use this to make us stronger. The bond of music spreads through the depths of different personalities and backgrounds. It has the power to unify each personality and background into the beautiful shows we perform. As drum major, I would encourage complete respect and kindness between every member of the marching band. We are all working together to create something marvelous and spectacular. This team spirit and cooperation has to stay with all of us on the field and off the
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