Personal Narrative: The Twelve Leaders Of The Hierarchy

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When I walked out of the room, he should have expected to be greeted by the entire Cataula Family waiting for him to see if he had advanced closer to be the next Planetary Sovereign. However, he never expected to see his daughter off to the side looking ready to hurt someone with tears in her eyes. Everyone on the planet knew there were only a few Viceroys left on the listing for testing. Now that all Twelve Leaders of the Hierarchy conducted the testing as one, family members seldom seen or even known were traveling to the City of the Planetary Sovereigns. He stood tall, removed all emotions from his face, and stormed forward. “Why is Danita angry?” he asked calmly, and in complete contrast of his physical demeanor. “That isn’t important!” his wife’s father, Mr. Cataula, raised his voice …show more content…

I would mention his name, but we wish it to be a surprise for the two of them. You and your daughter might as well hand over the keys to your allotted row house. You won’t be living there from this moment forward.” “What have you done to our family’s good name!” yelled Mr. Cataula. “I knew you would destroy our reputation one day and now you have.” “What foolishness are you talking about?” asked the Chief Hierarchy hotly. “Danita will need some time to adjust living the same lifestyle as her future husband.” “This is what you deserve you brainless fool!” chuckled his wife’s father, now distraught. “The two of you are going to live the rest of your life in an allotment

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