Creative Writing: After Howleen's Suicide

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About a week after Howleen’s suicide attempt, Clawd and Clawdeen organized a little investigation to track down TVC. Clawd had intended the investigation to be much like the one for Harmony’s murder, but since the circumstances were different this was either going to be really easy or really difficult. It also didn’t help that not all of the original investigation team could be there. Abbey needed to stay home to care for Icer, Howleen was out for obvious reasons, Valentine could not be reached, and Draculaura was at a family reunion. So, it was just Clawd, Clawdeen, Heath, Jackson and Frankie, though soon Duece offered to tag along. The six students met near the part of town where Howleen’s incident occurred. “Are you sure we wanna be out here?” Jackson asked nervously. “This is a really bad part of town.”
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The book was, judging by the date, almost fifty years old.
Frankie suddenly heard a creaking sound and grabbed Jackson’s arm. “What was that?!”
They remained very silent, and when there was nothing, Frankie released his arm. “Sorry,” she muttered sheepishly.
“Don’t be sorry, dear!” an obnoxiously loud female voice roared out.
Jackson let out a shriek and dropped the book he had been holding. Frankie looked up in alarm, seeing somebody standing by the elevator.
She was a small, yet skinny female vampire. She had long, bleached white hair that cascaded down to her waist along with a copious amount of make-up and a shimmering, red skirt. She grinned at them, her red eyes glittering.
“So sorry I startled you, poor things,” she swaggered towards them, stopping directly in front of Jackson. She appeared to be sizing him up. “What brings you two here?”
Frankie cleared her throat, taking a step back from this stranger. “Um, we’re –uh- looking around,”
The vampire’s grin widened almost maliciously. “I see. Well, my name is Eris. What do they call you two lovely

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