The American Pageant Chapter 1 Dialectical Journal

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"You are kidding!" The girl said angrily, studying him with a long gaze.
"I don’t." He answered. "I can show you my mini rewards that I always carry with me."
"Oh, he is even boasting with his mini-awards!" She snapped.
"Who doesn 't?! Men always boast of their victories to seduce women!" The young man retorted.
"So, that 's why you are here! To receive another trophy for your victory?" Veronica accused the stranger, understanding his hints.
"I do not conquer women!" The guy said, even though he barely restrained from laughter. He liked to tease that girl, which was so different from any of his former mistresses. Everyone faded away from his memory.
"What a presumptuous dumbhead!" Veronica replied harshly, realizing that he hints at …show more content…

Soon their guide Clara got onto the bus and said a few words about excursions. She was warning that tourists would be taken to hotels and then they would have rest for 2-3 hours before travelling around the city. Just not in the heat of the sun, and they would be able to enjoy the view of the Coliseum and the surrounding area, calmly walking around Rome. Those who wanted were able to take the night tour, because that trip was not included in the tour program, and should be paid for.
The bus started off while Clara continued talking with tourists. The streets of Rome flickered outside the window, striking and ancient, submerged in the buds of various flowers, which were located on carved metal balconies. The sun was reflecting sundogs into the bus windows, and it added a good mood to the group.
Veronica admired the romantic atmosphere of the city and didn 't want to leave. She wished she could stay in Rome so much!
A few minutes later the silence was interrupted by the handsome blonde sitting next to Veronica. The young man didn 't want the girl to think about him as of a shirt-chaser, because he was not. Sitting by this unknown girl, he just wanted to be courageous and strong, and flirting only

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