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The cold sensation of murky ground slowly but surely switched from soil to smooth stone, the flatness of it being significantly easier on Jack 's feet as he moved away from the entrance and further into Pitch 's lair. Emptiness hung in the air, silent if not for the creaking of lead cages. With his eyes flicking between the cages, stairwells, and the bright glittering globe in the center, Jack comes to the conclusion that the place might feel emptier more because of the lack of teeth canisters than anything else. "You thought everything would be all right, now that the darkness has subsided. Centuries of loneliness, gone. Just like that. '" Pitch snapped his fingers by the end of it, making Jack flinch. A look of pity crossed his features, as if Jack should have known better. "You …show more content…

He was quiet as Pitch spoke, hands clenching into fists as he hung his head low. A feeling of dread washed over him as he faced the reality of his vulnerability near Pitch. Having him read his fears and proclaim them out loud when he himself were unable to, felt somewhat wrong. But despite it all, this didn 't hold as much bite as the first time it happened. To Jack, it felt like a rehash. "It 's not like I haven 't tried." Jack defended, but felt that his response was too weak. he hadn 't tried that hard in the end. He wanted to admit his insecurities to the others. Maybe not to all of them at the same time, but slowly, whenever he felt ready. Jack never felt ready. "Do you resent your own cowardice?" Pitch asked solemnly. "I 'm just about done talking to you" Jack warned, bristling at Pitch 's choice of words. "It 's nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone has it." "It 's holding me back." "You just have to find a balance." "That 's rich, coming from the guy who tried to tip that balance." "It 's in my best interest to prevent people from finding it. This is where we differ, Jack. We could have been great together had you been leaning towards your self-interest more."

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