Birdland Dialectical Journal

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Page 1… Mom woke me up and said; “We must leave the burrow now! Grab a change of your clothes and one thing that is very important to you!” Page 2… I grab my favorite shirt and my blanket that was given to me when I was born. I ask Mom; “ Why do we have to leave the burrow?” Mom responds with; “We’re not welcome in the platypus community anymore. We have different beliefs than all the others.” Page 3… My mom, brother, and I leave the burrow and start our journey to find a place where we are welcome. Page 4… Our journey is very long. We’ve been walking for days and it feels like we have gotten no where. I ask my mom where were even walking to. “Where are we walking so far to?” “I’ve decided that we will be going to Birdland. Others have told me that they …show more content…

One bird asked us if we needed a place to stay. Mom almost started crying she was so happy. Page 8… After about a week, we are all settled in at the bird who offered us to stay with him. He was very welcoming and told us his name was John. Page 9… Later that day, Mom said the one thing I was hoping she wouldn’t. “Tomorrow, you will have to start at a new school.” I was really not looking forward to the next morning. Page 10… When Mom woke me up in the morning, I wanted to cry. I so did not want to go to school. I was so scared to start at a new school where I knew no one. Page 11… When I get to school, I am greeted by the principal. She says; “Hi! You must be our new student, Mikey.” Page 12… The principal walks me to my classroom and says; “Hello students. We have a new student here with us today named Mikey. Can all of you be nice to him and make him feel welcome?” The student reply with; “Yes Ms. Bird.” Page 13… My teacher, Mrs. Tweety tells me to sit next to a student named Jennifer. When I sit down, she moves away from me. When Mother said that everyone is excepting here, she might of just meant the

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