Control And Control In Gone By Michael Grant

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Donna Karan once said, “It’s all about finding the calm in the chaos.” In the novel Gone written by Michael Grant this is how the children should have thought but instead, chaos strikes and all the adults disappear, the children have no idea what to do. The main theme is that children should not be left alone without any adult supervision because chaos will strike and the children will have no idea how to control themselves without their parents. In the novel Michael describes the events that happen very well. He wants you to feel like you’re in the shoes of the children. Near the beginning of the novel, all of the adults disappear while the children are at school. No one knows what's happening, everyone decides to leave the school and find their parents. All of the little children are screaming and crying. Next, Luna is a main character within the book and all she has is her dog Patrick and she doesn’t believe that she can live without him, but a crazy mishap happens to her. Lastly, Sam and Caine hated each other through the entire novel and near the end Sam has to opportunity to kill him. All of these examples will show you that without adults, children do not know how to act …show more content…

No one knew what happened, all of the kids began to look around in dismay in other classrooms to see if the same thing had happened everywhere else too. It happened everywhere, adults just vanished out of thin air. The next thing that Sam saw he described like this, “Some of the girls walked in threes, hugging each other, tearing streaming down their faces. Some boys walked hunched over, cringing as if the sky might fall on them, not hugging anymore. A lot of them were crying, too.” (Grant 12). This shows that the kids were scared and didn’t feel safe. Usually when something scary happens they would have their parents to help them, but the kids had no one but

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