Case Report: The Seton Hall Fire

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The Seton Hall University fire took place in January of the year 2000. Sadly, three students were killed and dozens were injured due to a fire that had started in the common room area. At first details about the cause of the fire were a little confusing, there were many reports that said smoking was the cause and a few that had stated that some drunk students had set the fire as a prank and the fire spread more rapidly than they had anticipated as a result of the carpeting containing synthetic fibers that had acted almost like an accelerant due to its makeup (Boland Hall Fire). This was such an unfortunate happening, what started as a seemingly harmless prank turned into an extremely dangerous situation that none would soon forget. During this incident, students thought it best to ignore the sounding of the fire alarms because …show more content…

I believe the situation became so severe with three innocent students dead and so many others injured because of Boland Hall’s reputation. This specific building of on-campus housing was known for its false alarms for the fire alarms being sounded. “Essex County prosecutor Donald C. Campolo said that 18 false alarms had been turned in since September (Goldman).” These students had become so accustomed to it being a false alarm, that no one wanted to leave their rooms just to stand out in the cold in the middle of the night as they had done so many times before for false alarms, especially since according to one student, it was finals week (Goldman). After students had been rescued and pulled from the structure that had one wing completely engulfed in flames they gathered outside with one another on the front lawn, together with teachers and fire officials they began to piece together what had

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