Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Research Paper

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Could the fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory have been prevented? I am not going to answer that question just yet. Without assessing all of the information to prevent the making of unfounded accusations. First things first you may be asking yourself what a Triangle Shirtwaist is. A triangle shirtwaist is a type of blouse that many women wore in the early 1900's. You probably may want to acquaint yourself with the victims of the inferno. A vast, vast majority of the casualties were Jews from Italy or Russia. A high count of them was under the age of 25. Now let's talk about the owners the company. The names of the owner's of the company were Max Blanck and Isaac Harris As soon as the news of the inferno hit the printing presses the citizens …show more content…

One of the main reasons the fire took such a psychological toll on the New Yorkers was because of the workers jumping to there deaths. One witness even remarked the event saying quote 'I know a new sound a terrible sound the sound of a body hitting the pavement". The inferno was also not an uncommon occurrence the triangle shirt was burned before the tragedy to collect insurance money. Knowing this information, many Jewish and women workers went on strike to secure improved working conditions. There strike in fact proved successful with the New York state legislature creating the Factory Investigating Commission. Another result of the fire was the creation of the American Society of Safety Engineers. Which was Designed for all buildings to fall under the code to make them safer? The American Society of Safety Engineers did just that, and there has not been any other building tragedy fire not caused by arson as severe as the shirtwaist fire. I will now like to return to the original question. Could the fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory have been prevented? My answer to that question is no. Like I pointed out once before when the blaze happened modern fire science and technology was not yet invented. I also think the fire was a valuable lesson and motivator to prevent more

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