A Brief Background Of The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

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Long ago, in the year of 1901 the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory was opened by Isaac Harris and Max Blank. Max Blank and Isaac Harris were both born in Russia, They had both immigrated to the United States in the early, 1890’s like most other Jewish immigrants. After a decade Isaac and Max entered a partnership that would propel their business and be nicknamed the Shirtwaist Kings. Then One Day their business Disappeared. It was taken by a deadly fire. After the events of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, It affected the laws of safety of today.
Background of Triangle Fire In the year of 1901 the factory name “Triangle Shirtwaist Factory was opened. The factory was founded and opened by two men by the name of Isaac Harris and Max Blank. The …show more content…

Working there for long hours they made Womens blouses. Most of the time the blouses were made by hand and by machine. The people relied on the shirtwaist factory for their clothing, mostly women.

The nature and extent of the Triangle fire The day of the fire. The fire broke out at 4:30 p.m on Saturday March 25 1911. The fire began on the 8th floor of the Factory building. Till this day the cause of the fire is still unknown but some say that the fire could have been started by a dropped cigarette ash in the scrap bucket of highly flammable cotton or just it could have been a machine malfunction.

Scrambling to get out most people on the 8th floor of the building made it out safely but the others were scrambling to get out of the building before they die. Some people tried to escape through the elevator, most made it but then some others died. Knowing that they were not going to survive some jumped out of the building windows holding their kids hands as they jump and fall to their death. Sadly 146 men, women and children died that …show more content…

Today we use the triangle fire as a reference of building bigger, better and safer buildings for people to work in, this means that they get metal that takes longer to melt so the building doesn’t collapse. They even took to mind the make better fire exits and escape plans in case of a fire to occur again. This also meant that no employee had to sacrifice their life for their employment. These solutions made the people at work feel safe and know if there was an emergency they were not going to die because of these news laws. Knowing they don't want to risk their employees lives, the owners of businesses today are making sure all their employees know where the exits are in case of a fire, they also make sure they have backup plans in case the primary plan is ruined. During the Triangle fire there were fire exits but most of

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